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Bis morgen (See you tomorrow)
20 min | Germany | 2022 | Short documentary



Nick and Michi spend almost every day together, roaming the streets and meadows of their neighborhood. Building fires, flying kites, eating ice cream. Two friends who understand each other blindly, even if it sometimes comes to blows between them. But their time together is coming to an end. "Why are you moving to London?" - "Because I belong to London."

Crew & Cast 




Editing & Sound


Kevin Biele

Anna Weber

Kim Hausner

Mattea Steffens

ifs internationale filmschule köln

Festivals | Screenings | Selections

  • WDR Kurz und Gut 2023 (German TV)

  • Hof international Film Festival, Germany 2022

  • DOXS Ruhr Festival, Germany 2022

  • doxs! Duisburg 2022

  • Vienna Shorts, Austria 2023

  • FEST New Directors New Film, Portugal 2023

  • Stranger than fiction 2023

  • KinderDocs, Greece - Museum Screening 2023

  • Filmschauplätze NRW 2022 & 2023

  • RAUM Wackernheim 2023 - Art Exhibition Screening 

Trailer - See you tomorrow - short documentary

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